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Have you ever considered working with a regulatory consultant?  Challenged to get your product to the market safely and within regulations?  The Burdock Group is a trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of safety and regulatory compliance.  As an international consulting firm, we specialize in tailoring solutions to meet your unique compliance needs across various industries, including food, beverage, dietary supplements, pet food, animal feed, cosmetics, and pesticides. With a seasoned team of project managers, scientists, and toxicologists, we bring over 35 years of documented experience to the table. Our expertise extends to FDA, USDA, AAFCO, and EPA requirements.

In 1988, Dr. George A. Burdock, DABT, FACN founded Burdock Group, laying the foundation for a legacy of excellence in safety and regulatory compliance consulting. Since its inception, Burdock Group has evolved into a robust team of experts spanning diverse fields such as toxicology, human and animal nutrition, food science, project management, and regulatory affairs.

Our dynamic team stands at the forefront of regulatory compliance services, offering unparalleled expertise in a range of industries, including food & beverage, pet food & animal feed, dietary supplements, cosmetics & personal care, hemp/CBD, and EPA. With over 30 years of meticulously documented experience, Burdock Group instills the confidence needed to ensure that your products not only meet safety standards but also comply with regulatory requirements.

This wealth of experience isn't just a testament to our history; it's a resource you can leverage to assure your customers that your products are safe, compliant, and backed by a legacy of dedication to excellence. At Burdock Group, we don't just provide services; we build trust, giving you the assurance to pass on confidence to your valued customers.

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At Burdock Group, we go beyond the label of regulatory experts; our team of food safety toxicologists serves as the scientific backbone crucial to achieving your compliance goals. Armed with proficiency and extensive experience, our team members possess the expertise to swiftly and precisely identify your product's challenges and deliver regulatory compliance services tailored to meet your business objectives.

Our food safety toxicologists are not merely consultants; they are partners on your journey to regulatory compliance. With a deep understanding of the intricate scientific landscape, they contribute invaluable insights that form the bedrock of our comprehensive approach. We collaborate with you to establish a thorough path to regulatory compliance, ensuring that every aspect of your product meets the required standards.

In addition to our scientific acumen, our integrated approach to project management sets us apart. This ensures seamless coordination, even in the face of the most demanding and long-term projects. At Burdock Group, we bring together the scientific rigor of our food safety toxicologists with a holistic project management strategy to provide you with a comprehensive solution that not only meets but exceeds your regulatory compliance needs.

At Burdock Group, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our services and into active engagement within the professional community. Our food and feed safety scientists and team members proudly contribute their expertise as active members of numerous prestigious professional associations and committees.

You'll find our team actively participating in organizations such as AHPA, SOT, IFT, NASC, RAPS, AFIA, and serving with pride on an AAFCO ingredient definition committee. By immersing ourselves in these professional networks, we not only stay informed about the latest industry trends but also actively shape and influence them.

Remaining at the forefront of knowledge is not just a goal; it's a commitment we uphold. Our team prioritizes staying abreast of legislative and regulatory changes, fostering relationships with industry associations, and collaborating with government agency personnel. This dedication ensures that our clients benefit from the most up-to-date insights and strategies in the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory compliance.

Explore our articles page to delve into recent publications across trade journals, scientific literature, and textbooks covering topics such as animal feed, pet food, cosmetics, food safety, and regulation compliance. Additionally, don't miss out on staying informed by signing up for our monthly newsletter – a valuable resource designed to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the industries we serve.

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Burdock Group serves as the essential bridge for companies outside the United States, specializing in the food, food ingredient, cosmetics, personal care, and dietary supplement sectors. Our primary focus is on assisting these international entities in navigating the intricacies of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and ensuring compliance with the stringent requirements of the Bioterrorism Act.

We understand the complexities involved in the FDA registration process, and we go beyond mere guidance — we provide practical solutions that you can rely on. As your intermediary with the FDA, we streamline the registration journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

For our international clients, we offer comprehensive support in successfully launching and marketing products in the United States, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of FDA regulations.


Simultaneously, we aid U.S. clients in achieving success in the global marketplace, drawing on strategic alliances and partnerships across more than four continents. These collaborations provide us with the necessary expertise to navigate regulatory submissions in diverse international markets, solidifying our commitment to facilitating your success on a global scale. At Burdock Group, we don't just offer solutions; we provide the invaluable link between your products and global regulatory success.

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