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Using Consumption Data to Improve the Holiday Foods We Eat

This time of year is filled with festive foods that delight our senses, as well as our appetite. Here at Burdock Group, we asked ourselves, what is the consumption of holiday food? We randomly selected seven foods typically eaten between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and compared the amounts consumed to a few commonly eaten foods (Table 1). Of the holiday foods listed in Table 1, eggnog is consumed the most. Pumpkin pie and cranberries are consumed in excess of the amount considered equal to a single serving. Eggnog and pumpkin pie are consumed in approximately equal amounts to their more common counterparts of milk and apple pie. Consumers’ appetite for chocolate cake and chicken far exceeds the consumption of the festive foods of fruitcake and roasted duck. We were so impressed with the amount of chocolate and chicken consumed that it has inspired us to suggest the addition of chocolate and/or chicken to the lesser-eaten holiday foods will undoubtedly boost their consumption. Chocolate eggnog, chocolate laced pumpkin pie, and shredded chicken plum pudding will certainly please the holiday spirits this holiday season.

Table 1. Consumption* of some holiday and “common” foods.


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