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Reduce Caloric Intake by 100 Calories per Day & Prevent Weight Gain

It is common knowledge that obesity is rampant in Western civilization. Furthermore, something must be done in order to impede this epidemic. The first step to fight obesity is to stop weight gain. Although consumption of 100 fewer calories daily may not bring about weight loss, it proves to be a manageable strategy proclaims University of Colorado researchers. Reduction in intake of 100 calories per day can stop the weight gain, estimated at 2 pounds yearly, which the average person encounters. Assuming that each pound of weight gained represents 3500 calories, it is calculated that 90% the population is increasing their caloric intake by about 50 extra calories per day. As storage efficiency is less it is estimated that for every 100 extra calories 50 would be stored as fat. A marginal decrease in the average weight of the US population could have enormous benefits to public health and healthcare costs.

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