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In Memoriam: John Doull, M.D., Ph.D.

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I have just learned of the passing of John Doull on March 24, 2017.  I met John along with other members of the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers’ Expert Panel in the fall of 1986, when interviewing for the position of Director of Scientific Affairs for FEMA.  I had prepared a lecture on the relatively new science of immunotoxicology, in anticipation of the experts on the panel, including John and Paul Newberne, Robert Smith, Carroll Wiel and others, not having much information on this new area of study.  I gave my lecture (mumbling through a few points of which I was unsure), answered a few questions and sat down.  It was only after I was seated that John mentioned to me that he had just reviewed a draft of a chapter on immunotoxicology, written for the latest edition of his book “Casarett and Doull: The Basic Science of Poisons” – the standard graduate level text and the one (albeit an earlier edition) that I had studied in school.   John was gracious enough not to call me out on all my mistakes, but I found later that was typical of John – truly a “gentleman of the old school”. After leaving FEMA and starting my consulting business (to which John would occasionally refer a client), I would run into John at various meetings and he would always praise my efforts and even tell me he purchased a book I had written.  I was proud to be seen with him and even prouder  to call him my friend.  I will miss his friendship, insight and scholarly nature.  Requiesce in pace, John.

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