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Consultant’s Corner: What are Food Safety Audits?

Food Safety Audits are on-site inspections of facilities’ production lines and processes. During these inspections, our experienced auditors evaluate and assess standard operating procedures, records, control systems and employee performance. Companies participating in food safety audits receive complete technical examinations of their plant covering product integrity, consumption safety and regulatory exposure. These audits are an important tool for manufacturers to ensure their products are safe for the consumer and marketplace.

Eurofins Food Auditing Services Offered: SQF, Pet Food Certification, FAMI QS & ISF/SF dual certification, domestic Safe Food/Safe Feed (SF/SF), HACCP, GMP, EMP and Pre-Assessment Audits.

SQF (Safe Quality Food)

Industry: Primary Production, Food Manufacturing and Distribution

Frequency: Annual

Description: Across North America and around the world, primary producers and processors are embracing the SQF standard as one of the premier platforms to support their food safety systems and meet customer requirements. SQF, being GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized, will enhance your companies’ marketing image and credibility for food safety systems and product quality. This rigorous program remains one of a select group of programs that encompasses the entire supply chain.

Pet Food Certification Programs