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Burdock Group Names SOT 2020 Student Travel Award Winner

Burdock Group continues to encourage undergraduates to pursue a career in food ingredient safety and regulation by offering its Student Travel Award. Ruth Wangia was honored with the Burdock Group SOT 2020 Student Travel Award. Ruth will receive $1,000 along with a commemorative plaque and a copy of Casarett and Doull’s Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons textbook. Congratulations to Ruth on her achievements! Burdock Group looks forward to reviewing future student travel applications for the upcoming IFT 2020 Student Travel Awards.

Ruth N. Wangia, Bsc., Ph.D

University of Georgia College of Public Health Dept. of Environmental Health Science

Ruth Wangia is a doctoral candidate at the University of Georgia. Herresearch is aimed at understanding the health impacts associated with consuming mycotoxin contaminated food products. In demonstrating adverse health outcomes associated with dietary exposure to mycotoxins in the past four years, Ruth's research brought awareness to a largely ignored public issue that was picked by major news outlets in the study populations. In addition, regulatory agencies have enhanced their surveillance systems to protect public health.

Ruth has been a member of the SOT since 2016 and currently serves as a student representative for the Food Safety Specialty Section (FS3). She has also served the SOT as a poster session chairperson, Committee Member for the Women in Toxicology specialty section and volunteer for the Continuing Education programs.

Ruth is also an author/co-author of 5 peer-reviewed journal articles.

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