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Burdock Group Names IFT 2019 Student Travel Award Winners

Burdock Group continues to encourage graduates and undergraduates to pursue a career in food ingredient safety and regulations by offering its Student Travel Award. During IFT 2019 Expo held in New Orleans, Louisiana, in June, two exemplary candidates, Xingyi Jiang and Zhou “Mona” Zou, were honored with the Burdock Group IFT 2019 Student Travel Award. Mona was given the award for the Food Laws & Regulations Division and Xingyi for the Toxicology & Safety Evaluation Division. Each award recipient received $1000 to cover travel expenses to the Expo, along with a commemorative plaque and a copy of Casarett & Doull’s Toxicology textbook. Congratulations to Xingyi and Mona on their achievements!