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AFIA Elect Burdock Group to be Member of Two Committees

Burdock Group is pleased to announce our appointment as a member of the American Feed Industry Associations (AFIA) Aquaculture and Ingredient Definitions and Approval Committees. We are honored with the appointment and are excited to better represent stakeholders within of these segments of the animal feed industry.

American Feed Industry Associations (AFIA) was established in 1909 as an organization that was dedicated to keeping stakeholders informed about new regulations. As world economics have changed and the industry has researched, developed, and adopted new technology, the association has evolved and now has over 680 domestic and International members. To those members, AFIA is devoted to better represent the interest of its stakeholders and state in its 4 promises: 1) giving their members a voice, 2) providing legislative and regulatory representation, 3) offering expertise, and 4) providing engagement opportunities for professional education and networking.

AFIA has 14 committees that are focused on supporting AFIA’s core legislative and regulatory objectives. The committees oversee AFIA’s ongoing activities, interests and programs in very specific disciplines and reflect all segments of the total feed industry. Typically, members are nominated for election each May, at the beginning of the AFIA fiscal year, to serve three-year terms. With Burdock Group’s expertise being primarily with ingredient safety and regulation, we were chosen to sit on both the Aquaculture Committee and the Ingredient Approval and Definition Committee (IADC).

The Aquaculture Committee, informs members on opportunities within the aquaculture industry; assists in solving industry related problems; and educates membership on needed products, technologies and services. Johnel Lagabon will be the primary Burdock Group representative on the Committee.

The Ingredient Approval and Definition Committee provides a forum for AFIA members to represent the regulatory and legislative interests regarding the feed ingredient approval/recognition process to government officials; educates members on the changing regulatory environment related to feed ingredient approval/recognition; communicates key issues and concerns with stakeholders; and impacts the approval/recognition and definition process of feed ingredients. Dr. Ray Matulka will be the primary Burdock Group Representative on the Committee.

We are ready to do our part to better serve both Aquaculture and IADC stakeholders. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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