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Applications Open for Burdock Group’s SOT 2023 Student Scientific Award

Updated: Jan 18

Burdock Group’s SOT Student Scientific Award applications are open to a qualified full-time graduate and undergraduate student attending the SOT 62nd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, March 19-23, 2023, with research interests in the toxicology of food and food ingredients. Students early in their graduate training who have not attended a SOT Annual Meeting are particularly encouraged to apply.


Submission documents are to include:

  1. A very brief essay discussing the student’s research and training and how it related to food safety/toxicology (1/2 page or less).

  2. A letter from anyone in the toxicology department, indicating the student is enrolled and in good standing in a master's or doctoral training program in toxicology or related program (and not possessing another doctoral-level degree). Postdoctoral trainees are not eligible, nor are previous awardees.

  3. A list of any other award(s) received for this meeting or previous meetings.

  4. Proof of full‐time graduate or undergraduate status (scanned copy of student ID is sufficient).

  5. The awardee must attend the FSSS meeting to accept the award and grant permission for his/her image to appear in the Burdock Group newsletter and/or marketing materials.

Recipient Receives

  1. Up to $1000 per student to cover meeting and other expenses not met by other funding or awards, such as learning-based media and online programs necessary for advanced learning.

  2. Recognition plaque commemorating the event.


Submit Applications to

DEADLINE: Sunday, January 29, 2023

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