At Burdock Group, we strive for excellence in all matters of business and customer service. Our core business model is built on the repeat business from companies large and small, both domestic and International. We pride ourselves on our ability to get things done right the first time and honor our long standing commitment to client confidentiality and commitment. The Burdock Group team holds this matter in the highest regard to future success and referrals.


“We’ve had a lot of successes and we want to keep building on it. That’s why we keep going to Burdock Group. We don’t want to jeopardize that. We want to keep getting our products on the marketplace as fast as possible and Burdock Group helps us to do that.We have found that Burdock Group often comes up with a variety of options to solve a problem. We like that they offer us options instead of providing us with one solution we may not agree with." 


- A Leading Food Ingredient Company



“Overall we had a great experience on our project - we're a happy client!” 


- A Global Ingredient Supplier



“Perhaps it is a statement of having chosen the right partner (Burdock Group). It is to their credit that for us the process of dealing with FDA was a pleasure. It was very smooth.”


-Yuri Shoshan, CEO, Qualitas Health. Quote published in Nutraingredients USA.