Cosmetics & Personal Care

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Burdock Group’s extensive experience in providing a full line of comprehensive safety and regulatory review services to the Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Industry is highly regarded. Our background in cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, and personal care products as well as our knowledge of current legislation means you can bring your products to market with confidence in their safety and regulatory compliance.


When you need to know what ingredients are safe in cosmetic formulations, Burdock Group has the answer. We search the scientific and regulatory literature, assemble the required substantive data and present the information in the optimum format.

The scientists on staff at Burdock Group can assist you with ingredient safety evaluations, claims substantiation, safety testing procedures, study placement and monitoring. When it comes to understanding the elements that are key to successful claims for efficacy or safety, including selection of meaningful data and convincing presentation, Burdock Group knows how to get the job done right the first time.


Let our experienced team help you with:


  • Risk Assessments
  • Opinion Letters
  • Product Ingredient Review
  • White Papers (position papers)
  • Monographs





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